Split System Air Conditioning Brisbane & Gold Coast

We sell, install and service Multi & Split System Air Conditioning units in Brisbane & the Gold Coast.  Seen as the mainstream air conditioning system on the market, the High Wall Split System is a simple solution to your air conditioning requirements.
It is a two piece machine that contains the condensing or compressor which is the outdoor unit and the evaporator or indoor unit. When they are joined together by pipework you have the High Wall Split System air conditioning unit.

Whether your requirements are Cool Only, Reverse Cycle, Floor Mount, Inverter or Multi-Head, Cool Times have the range of Brands that ensure just the right high wall or floor mount is selected for your home or office.

Although a relatively simple system, care still needs to be taken in selecting the right size or capacity unit for the area to be air-conditioned and the location where the unit will be affixed to the wall or floor to gain the best performance from the air conditioning system.

Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the electrical connection of the system. Again while this system is a simple solution to your needs, the electrical connection still needs to be inspected, so it is important that we review all aspects of your installation to ensure the system will function as designed and you get the result you are looking for.

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