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The air conditioning of Schools and Child Care Facilities has become a priority for many communities. The ability for Queensland students to be able to concentrate and be comfortable in a learning environment is essential in achieving a positive outcome. The government has laid down strict guidelines for installation of air conditioning throughout Queensland via the Cooler Schools Program. This program ensures not only that the students and teachers are benefiting from the correct controlled environment but also the schools and their community are investing in products and infrastructure that suits there needs for now and will do so for many years to come.

Cool Times Air Conditioning has been at the forefront of design and installation of air conditioning systems for Queensland schools for 20 years. We start at the initial consultation then onto the engineering and electrical inspection then to the installation and commissioning of the systems. Cool Times will take control of the project whilst continually keeping management and staff informed and updated.

All aspects of the school are considered including student numbers, building structure, environment, right down to fresh air requirements and location of air conditioners for safety and convenience.

As a registered dealer for such brands as Daikin, Mitsubishi and Actron Air, Cool Times are in the position of offering the very best in product and service. The long term welfare of your air conditioning is also part of our service, we can put in place preventive maintenance contracts that will see the life of your air conditioning units extended and the performance of your system maintained for the long term.

Cool Times Air Conditioning strictly adheres in Design and Installation to the Cooler School program instigated by the Queensland Government.

Points to note

  • Cool Times is the holder of a full QBCC unlimited design license
  • Cool times have Public liability cover to $20,000,000

All work including electrical is carried out by fully qualified tradesmen. 

Schools and Child Care Facilities Cool Times has air conditioned and or maintains: