What is the process of organising air conditioning for my home?

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Here at Cool Times we endeavour to make the process of organising and installing your air conditioning system as simple and hassle free as possible. Once you have decided that you want to air condition a room or your whole house, then you make contact with through various ways.

You can call our office with the number at the top of our home page, Click on the Get A Quote tab and email us your enquiry. You can also call in and visit us in our showroom.

We will step you through the process and explain what options are available to you. Each type of system offers features and benefits not offered by other types of systems. By us understanding what you want and what you are trying to achieve we can tailor a system that fits your requirements perfectly.

Home designs and layouts whilst they may meet your block requirements and ascetic appeal can cause major issues in designing ducted air conditioning systems. By considering and designing your ducted air conditioning system during the design process of your home this can ward off any potential disaster further down the track.

For ducted air conditioning in your home, things that need to be thought about are, what type of outlets will best suit my home or can we have a zoning system that offers different temperatures in different rooms. We can explain what a constant zone is and if you really need one and the difference between an Inverter or Digital system.

We encourage our customers to ask questions about all aspects of air conditioning, whether we are installing a split system or a full ducted system, we want you to understand what you are purchasing.

Whatever your requirements, we will provide an air conditioning solution for you.