Package Unit

Packaged air conditioning units are the perfect solution for commercial situations where large areas require air conditioning. A Package unit is a fully self-contained system that is normally located outside the building either on the roof or on the ground. They can also be installed internally but require the condenser air to be vented.

The brands we use and recommend are Daikin and Actron Air and are available in various sizes but are mainly more popular where a large area needs to be air conditioned. Once the system is positioned, ducting for the supply air and the return air is connected and run into the building to distribute air. The system itself only requires the nominated power supply and the control wiring to make it operational.

Package units are a better solution for the client and the maintenance company in the long term due to access.
There is no need to lift tiles to clean drains or filters that is required with split ducted systems. Servicing is also made easier as all components are readily accessible making servicing more thorough. Interruption to the tenant is also kept to a minimum as all maintenance work is done externally. Package units are also getting more efficient with the use of digital compressors and EC direct drive fan motors.

In summary package units must always be considered for commercial applications.