Multi Head Air Conditioning System Specialists on Brisbane & the Gold Coast

When we encounter customers where their home design won’t allow for a full ducted air conditioning system but still want several rooms air conditioned without having the untidiness and aesthetic eyesore of numerous outdoor units that several split systems would bring, we look at the Multi Head Unit. This is the ultimate in flexible solutions.

The Multi Head air conditioning system has a single condensing outdoor unit that has the capacity to supply up to six indoor head units with a maximum capacity of 12kW. The other benefit this type of system offers is the variety of indoor air supply units. From split systems and cassette systems to small ducted systems. A variety of all these types of indoor units can be fitted onto one outdoor system.

The scenario where the bedrooms can be covered using High Wall Split systems to control costs and the main living area has a single ducted to enhance the aesthetics of the room and all with individual temperature control and not having to run a minimum of rooms at any time – It’s a total win, win.

The other time when the Multi Head air conditioning system comes into it’s own is in confined living spaces such as units, town houses and nursing homes. The single outdoor unit requires just one mounting space and leaves more room for you.