What are the important aspects of the installation?

air conditioning repair Brisbane

The decision has been made to install air conditioning, the next move you make will determine how successful the process will be.

Regardless of the type of system you require, every installation needs to be inspected and thought through. Air flow, drain requirements, piping restrictions and electrical limitations are just a few of the issues we confront when looking to submit a quotation.

Forethought in the design of a system can save you time and money in the future. All systems need to be serviced over their life time and all too often we come across inaccessible systems that need to be pulled apart and components removed just to undertake a simple service, this all costs time and in turn money.

The type of outlets or vents and their location are critical to the comfort and look of the room. We are constantly looking for function and form in what we do. Firstly it has to work but it also has to fit the ascetics of the room as best it can. When looking at zoning, being able to determine what rooms you want running at any time is a key component of the design process, zoning systems have come a long way since the simple on/off switch on the wall.

We now have the ability to control room temperature directly from the room your in or from your mobile phone, whatever works for you.

We work closely with builders and renovators to make sure the installation process is as smooth as possible and that any potential issues are dealt with and eliminated before installation day.

All jobs are pre-inspected before the install team move in, any upgrading of electrical or building alterations that may be required are identified and taken care of.