Benefits of replacing your ducted air conditioner

August 22, 2018

Is your current air conditioner constantly breaking? noisy? inefficient? Spare parts no longer available? Sometimes it is hard to know when you should stop repairing your old air conditioner and replace it with a new system. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of replacing your ducted air conditioner this year. There are numerous factors to consider such as newer systems having greater potential for energy savings, comfort and convenience. The following are just some of the factors you should consider when making the decision to replace your ducted air conditioner.

replacing your ducted air conditioner

Increase your Air Conditioners Energy Efficiency

Ducted air conditioning in your home on average will make up 40% of your electricity bill so it makes sense to install a system which is as energy efficient as possible. Tests conducted by Daikin Australia show that average running costs can be reduced up to 25% from equivalent models released only 10 years ago. Fixed speed compressors from the previous generation have been replaced with smarter inverter driven compressors which drastically reduce power consumption whilst also providing a greater control of indoor temperatures.

Latest Ducted Air Conditioner Technology

Many of our customers are surprised at how far control and zoning have come in 10 years. The standard wall controllers and 4 button zone controllers have been replaced with smart wall mounted touchscreen tablets. Four zones have been replaced by 10 zones. Always walking to the wall panel to change air conditioning settings? Smartphone apps which work on Wi-Fi /4G control now come as standard when pairing your ducted air conditioner with MYAIR5 zoning. Instead of being limited to one temperature setting for your whole house, with MYAIR5 you can have ten different settings in your home.

latest air conditioning technology

Reduce your Air Conditioners Noise

Unfortunately, we cannot all live on acreage properties. At Cool Times we have come across a few noise complaints that have turned very nasty. There are not many options to quiet down an old noisy air conditioner however replacing may be the biggest step you can take to keep the peace.

Ducted Air Constant – Spill Zone

Nearly all ducted air conditioners installed ten years ago have a nominated spill/constant zone. This is because only one sensor is installed so there needs to be a common area that is always on. This practice is wasteful and still doesn’t provide correct temperature control in other areas. MYAIR5 zoning eliminates the need for constant zones and will only direct the air where needed. Existing systems can be retrofitted to remove this constant area.

Get the Manufactures Warranty & our 5 Year Installation Warranty

All new systems come with a guaranteed 5 years peace of mind manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, at Cool Times we match this with an industry leading 5 years installation warranty

Air Conditioning Retrofit to existing Pipework

Daikin Air Conditioning have released their newest premium air conditioners that can be retrofitted to existing onsite pipework and ducting. Cool Times offer free roof inspections and we will tell you what we can and can’t reuse potentially saving thousands. In many cases the ductwork, electrical cabling and pipework are OK!

Still need help deciding whether to finally replace your old air conditioner? Contact Us to book in your free quote. Our expert salesman can explain the benefits that you will receive when upgrading your system to a new Daikin Air Conditioner with MYAIR5 controls.