Advantages of Servicing

There are numerous reasons to service your air conditioning system either domestic or commercial, as well as providing cleaner fresher air. Operation costs can be dramatically reduced by regular servicing. A blocked filter, dirty evaporator coil or dirty fan can have significant effects on the performance and efficiency of an air conditioning system. All of these items cause the system to work harder to achieve the set point temperature.

By attending to your air conditioning at regular intervals you also prolong its operating life. Like any piece of mechanical equipment (car, boat etc) regular inspections help pin point small issues before they become a major problem.

Here are some important points to note.

  • Your average air conditioning cooling coil, if operating 10 hours a day, would see up to 100,000 meters of air pass over and through the cooling coil in one day.
  • The cooling coil is wet 90% of the time when operating. This type of environment encourages bacteria growth and if not maintained could prove detrimental to any office or home environment.
  • The filters provided with your air conditioner can only contain so much in regards to dust and particles before they become inefficient, regular cleaning of the filter is essential but the next level of servicing which includes chemical cleaning of the cooling coil is the only way to ensure your system is clean and free of contaminates.
  • Stagnant water through blocked drains or ill maintained drip trays is the single biggest contributor to sick building syndrome and increased family illness.
  • Overflowing drains and drip trays can cause considerable damage to ceilings, walls and floors if not maintained.
  • A dirty system greatly reduces the ability of your air conditioner to run efficiently. If air can not move through the cooling coil, your system has to run longer and harder to achieve the desired results.