Cassette Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane

Cassette Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane – The Cassette System is mainly used in a commercial environment, this system can be a handy solution to any open plan area such as Class Rooms, Board Rooms, open plan offices or even a Rumpus room. Advancements in design have seen such improvements as the 360 degree blow introduced by Daikin, this allows air flow to all parts of the room.

The selection of a cassette system is not straight forward and needs to be inspected and quoted by a trained air conditioning technician. This type of system thrives in the small to medium commercial and classroom application where it has the ability to spread air from a high central point all around the room and comes in higher capacities than the hi wall split system.

Cassette systems also have the option to attach a duct to the indoor unit and supply air to a small office or an adjoining room. Fresh air can also be introduced through the indoor unit, both of these qualities make this an ideal option for classrooms and lecture theatres.